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Hello and thank you for coming to my world!


​I’ve made this blog with the intent of helping people find happiness in life and bring out positivity & strength in one another. Let's face it, even though there are millions of blogs out there, I think we could always use a little bit more positivity in our lives, don't you?! 


My entire life, I’ve known I’ve wanted to help people in many ways. It’s always made me feel a sense of accomplishment and warm and fuzzy on the inside; whether it was trying to make someone laugh with goofy impersonations, entertaining them on stage or in silly videos, caring for someone while they’re sick or sad, giving food to the homeless, or striking a conversation with a total stranger who might look like they’re having a bad day, but it still wasn’t enough for me.


I went on looking for my passions and finding myself. Not to sound like a resume, but in 2005 I began working with kids while completing my Esthetician certification due to my love for beauty and skin care, but I knew that I couldn’t just stop there.


It wasn’t until recent years where I grew the courage to quit my dead-end job and finish school to major in Sociology & Psychology so I can have a better understanding of different types of behaviors in people. In 2016, I went to a healing retreat and started learning, okay OBSESSING, about self awareness, meditation, mindfulness, and all things spirituality and being connected with God and the universe. It was then that I fully realized I’m here on this earth to help people on a regular basis. With my passion for writing, I figured I could have a blog discussing ways to help strengthen people, helping them become the best version of themselves, because I too want to be the best version of myself. What better way to do that than with people that are on a similar journey! 

Now that my husband and I moved from California across the Atlantic to settle in our family's motherland, Portugal, I felt I had an even bigger incentive to have a blog and share my experiences with you, discuss travel tips, and my ongoing adventures.


I’m not here as a meditation guru or travel guide, but I am here to share my own personal techniques and experiences on healthy & fun lifestyle tips to help you. And believe me when I say personal because I will get pretty personal & open up here. I hope my page can shed some light on you, just as the tips I will share have guided me in becoming who I am today. Namaste.

God bless. Xoxo.

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