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August 29, 2018

Welcome to my personal top 10 things to do while in Lisbon! I recently lived in Lisbon for 5 months and came up with a list of things to see and do when a friend asked for some last minute recommendations in Lisbon. I then decided to make it a blog post because more and more people are coming to this secret gem to visit. Enjoy! 

1. Have a big appetite for the best foods in all of Lisbon in one spot

If you want to try a bunch of...

January 3, 2018

When we tell people we’ve decided to pack our bags and move to Portugal, a lot of people look at us with this shocked look on their face like we’re crazy and ask why. We never have just one reason so I figured I’d write about it and explain why with my top 5 reasons. 

1. The biggest reason for moving is because we LOVE the lifestyle in Portugal and all of Europe. It’s slower pac...

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