My Spiritual Journey

Updated: Oct 24

Everyone has a different journey & story to finding the path to their spirituality, if they happen to take that path that is. That's what makes spirituality special. We all enjoy the same thing but have our own personal perspective and experience. I'm here to share my spiritual story with you so we can go on this journey together.

I was raised Catholic like most kids I knew growing up. My parents made me go to church every Sunday as a little girl and I even went to a Catholic school from 3rd grade until 8th. Though the Bible can be hard to interpret & understand as a child, I really enjoyed hearing the stories about Jesus and Mary, and especially about Moses, thanks to the 1956 Ten Commandments movie. (I look forward to watching it every year.)

As an adolescent, I always felt like God's presence was around me. I don’t know why, I just always felt a special connection with God or like I was protected by Him at all times. I would hope and pray that I could nonchalantly have conversations with Jesus and Mother Mary just like the three little kids saw Mother Mary in Fatima, Portugal. I even wanted to be a nun when I was little and admired my parent’s nun friends, but I knew with my love for boys that wouldn’t work out too well for me.