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Mindfulness Box - Best Spiritual Subscription Box!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Before choosing which monthly subscription box I wanted to get, I put my research skills to the test. I literally gave each box I found online a list of pros and cons, based on cost, reviews, and what kind of products they had to offer. I googled "Spiritual Subscription Boxes" and found a link that had a bunch which definitely helped me. It was a bit overwhelming but thanks to Cratejoy’s list of subscription boxes, I was able to narrow it down to Mindfulness Box pretty quickly and I'm so beyond glad I picked them! I will have to admit, Goddess Provisions was a close second choice because they seemed to have a lot of similar things and they were more popular, but they were slightly pricier. I’m pretty thrifty so I went with Mindfulness Box.

Since I subscribed from Mindfulness Box, they’ve sent me things that I've been thinking about getting for myself without them knowing. It's funny how the universe works that way! (Laws of Attraction just doing its thing.) For example, I had been thinking of getting myself a Tibetan singing bowl. However, I was on a tight budget at the time and those are not cheap. A week or two later, I received my monthly package and lo and behold, a tibetan singing bowl came to my door among other beautiful things!

I love that they have a reasonable price that provide many goodies in a box, such as crystals, candles, oils, scrubs / lotions, healthy yet delicious snacks, and last but definitely not least, AFFIRMATION CARDS. Those are sooo beautiful and good for the soul. All of it is! They even provide a description card in each box that explains what each product is, what their benefits are, and where you can buy them from in the future. They also list lot of their products that they put in the boxes, for sale on their site. If you ever like a product that’s in the box, you can just go to their site and keep buying more of it!

Please keep in mind that I am in no way affiliated with Mindfulness Box, I just really like their products. I did make a youtube video reviewing them, again, just because I really like them & get excited every month with their products. I’ve never been this satisfied with a subscription box before. I've tried Shoe Dazzle and Stitch Fix for fashion and shoes and even then I stopped subscribing after a couple months because I never really fell in love with anything they’d send me and their prices were way too high for what they had to offer.

I truly feel like Mindfulness box thinks about their subscribers and what people would want and need to feel better. They’ve even reached out to me and thanked me for showing support on my Instagram page, and they seem like a loving, genuine company. They provide a lot of feel-good items and I’m very grateful that I found them. Thank you Mindfulness Box! Namaste.

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