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Baby Predicting...A Wives Tale Come True?

For many years, I've heard of the old wives tale of finding out how many children you will have and what their gender will be just by using a needle and thread or a necklace with a charm over the palm of your hand, and reading the motion of it. However, I've never known which version of the tale was "accurate" since some people said circles meant girl, some said boy, some say you can only use a needle and thread, others say if you use a necklace it has to have a wedding band on it, and others say it can only be done over a pregnant belly.

A few years ago, my friend told me her husband's aunt showed them her method which involved just a regular necklace with a pendant on it and she tested this method on women that already had kids and they were all accurate. Then she did it on my friend and her husband and it showed 4 boys for both of them. I couldn't believe it so I had to try it myself on her to see how it all works. I did it with my necklace which has two charms on it and held the necklace over her palm. Sure enough it showed 4 boys again.

One night, I told my friends about it at my best friend's birthday dinner with excitement and tried it on everyone there. For one couple, it showed one boy for both of them and the other couple it showed two of the same gender for the wife and husband as well. My friend's mom who had two girls, showed two girls. That's when we knew it couldn't be more real. I tried it on my parents the next day and it showed one girl for each, which is true! Can you say mind blowing?! Okay, so I get it's really weird and sounds crazy to believe a necklace can tell you how many kids you'll be having and what their gender will be, but it's fun to try regardless. It makes for a great game at a baby shower or even at a dinner party or just to kill curiosity. No one says you have to believe it, but it sure is chilling.

To do the test:

You can use a light necklace with a charm on it which worked for me, but I now use a chain with a crystal pendulum at the end of it as shown in the photo above. Place it straight above the person's palm and try to hold it very steady. Doesn't matter how still it is, it WILL move on its own. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. If it swings side to side, it's a girl. It should circle between each child or when it's going to stop. Make sure it circles before telling you the next kid, because a circle does not mean girl, it's just a gap, and then wait for it to completely stop. 

Unfortunately it may swing diagonally which means the loss of a baby which showed up on my palm and sadly was accurate and showed my first pregnancy which was a miscarriage. We'll find out if I end up having a boy and a girl like it shows and I believe another boy afterwards.

Another way to do it is on a pregnant belly. It will show just the baby conceived as opposed to all the kids in your life. 

If you're brave enough to try it, let me know if it worked right for you or not or what you think of all this. Have fun!

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