Why We Moved to Portugal From California

Updated: Feb 19

When we tell people we’ve decided to pack our bags and move to Portugal, a lot of people look at us with this shocked look on their face like we’re crazy and ask why. We never have just one reason so I figured I’d write about it and explain why with my top 5 reasons.

1. Lifestyle. The biggest reason for moving is because we LOVE the lifestyle in Portugal and all of Europe. It’s slower paced, the culture is so warm & inviting, the food is healthier & delicious, and there are surprisingly so many things to do in a small country. I consider Portugal to be the California of Europe. North of Portugal is the wine country just like Napa is in CA, SF is like Lisbon with its busy streets and tight spaced buildings. Lisbon even has a similar version of the Golden Gate Bridge! Then there’s southern Portugal aka Algarve which is like LA & San Diego area, always hot & sunny and surrounded by beaches, which is my personal favorite. They’re even located on the same side of the continent and are similar in shape.