• Jessica Mendes

My Bohemian Maternity Photoshoot

These photos were taken by my lovely friend, Nora Vingler. I was only about to be 23 weeks pregnant which I know is less than when most pregnant women have their maternity photo shoots, but since I had a last minute baby shower coming up back home in California, I wanted to take some to display at the shower. We took them near the same place my husband and I took our engagement photos, at Shoreline Lake Park in Mountain View. I'm so glad I asked her to do my photos because she did such a fantastic job. She typically focuses on nature photos, but I knew she'd be great at doing this photo shoot because it would be outdoors in her element and I know she has a good eye. I'm honored to have been her first maternity model and so happy I have these to treasure forever and show my little one someday. Thank you Nora!

Wearing purple / mauve and blue floral maternity dresses from Pink Blush.


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