A Bohemian Themed Baby Shower

Updated: Nov 6

About two months ago, my parents and girlfriends set up a baby shower for me beyond what I dreamed of. They did such an amazing job that I wanted to blog about the decor ideas to give others inspiration, so here it is! I had a pinterest board with ideas, but most of it seemed like it would've been difficult to achieve in a short notice of 3 weeks. My husband was going to Vancouver for a work trip, so we took advantage of booking my trip to California the same week since he'd be on the west coast and we didn't know when we'd be able to fly out there again with his work schedule.

I knew what theme I wanted for the baby shower before I was even pregnant; dream catchers, feathers, and an earthy, bohemian vibe with hints of pink and gold. Our wedding was also pink and gold and I still can't get over that color scheme. It's so classic and feminine. Had it been a boy, I probably would've done the same theme, but with mint blue instead of pink. The best part of all, is it's the same theme as the baby room so I got to keep the decorations to display in Camila's bedroom!