It’s OK to Not Be Okay

A couple of months ago I dealt with a huge crying episode from Camila. I know what you’re thinking… “Duh, she’s a baby. Of course she’s going to cry.” Here’s the thing though, she’s not a crier, unless she’s extremely tired or in pain. The girl wakes up smiling and talking every morning instead of crying for food. It’s the most beautiful thing to me. But when she turned two months old, she started teething; hands in mouth, drooling, eating less, the whole teething shenanigans. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday in October and we decided to go to the beach. Yay! I was excited because I hadn’t been to the beach all summer since I gave birth to Camila in July and had to wait a bit before taking her to the beach with us. I was feeling great with my freshly dark colored hair and swimsuit I was finally going to wear postpartum. Camila was doing relatively okay that day, a little fussy about her gums here and there, but as soon as we got in the car and took off, she started having a full on meltdown for 10 straight minutes. She’s never done that before in the car. Normally, being in a moving car is actually what calms her down, so I knew she was in excruciating pain which killed me. She was trying to chew on her hands so I put teething gel on her gums and her pacifier, but it didn’t help much. Once we got to the beach, she calmed down. What a relief… so I thought. My husband and I laid our things on the sand, put some sunscreen on the baby, and before I could even take my dress off to lay out, Camila started crying again and screaming. She was clearly in pain and not happy being at the beach. I tried to rock her, sing to her, put more teething gel, walk with her, feed her. Nothing worked. To top it off, EVERYONE within 30-50 feet was staring at us. Mind you, there’s a lot of people and if you’ve watched my stories on instagram, you know I HATE being stared at. I tried to ignore it, but with a screaming baby in my arms and all eyes on me, it was difficult.

I don’t like to be star