2018 Reflection

Updated: Nov 7

I realize I’m a bit late on the 2018 reflection / "New Year New Me" post so I’ll just consider this a Chinese New Year / New Me post since the year of the Pig starts tomorrow.

As I sit and reflect on 2018, I honestly can’t seem to think any year can top it. It was probably the best year of my life and part of me wishes it weren’t over which is why it took me a while to write this. It was the year that so many changes happened for me and all of them were wonderful and unforgettable. It was the year I felt the strongest, mentally, emotionally, and physically, like I could accomplish anything. I was the most zen I’d ever been, practicing reiki on myself and learning so many new things to expand my knowledge on self awareness and preparing for motherhood.

My husband and I moved 3 times, twice while I was pregnant (crazy I know), in which one of those times was to a different country with our three dogs. I look back and can’t believe we did that and took such a huge step. It amazes me t