Women Empowerment on Women’s Day

Updated: Nov 7


Today is International Women’s day and I wanted to share some thoughts I had about women empowerment. My husband attended a “Women of Impact” conference this week while we were in Barcelona on his work trip. I would’ve loved to attend but it was for employees only unfortunately. Being that it was for a big corporation that I too worked for many, many moons ago, I felt inspired to write something about women empowerment especially after meeting some amazing women from his work this week. Last night I was thinking about the conference my husband went to and it made me wonder what they talked about and wished that I got to listen to what they had to say. I was told that some people around the room got to say something and I started envisioning myself in a big room full of confident, ambitious women saying something and thought, ‘what could I say that could impact these women’s lives in some way? What would my story be?’ My mind is full of imaginary conversations so it went a little something like this. “Um hi.” Wait don’t say um. Be bold and confident. Okay. “Hi, I’m Jessica. I don’t work here but I wanted to join this session in hopes of learning somet