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My Experience with Alternative Medicine - Quantum BioRessonance & Osteopathy

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Catia from The Therapist at LX Factory in Lisbon showing me how the Quantum BioRessonance healing works.

For those of you that don't know, I'm really into alternative medicine as I practice reiki, yoga, meditation, and prefer natural remedies. I've tried different types of healing including sound healing and acupuncture many years ago and recently I had been wanting to take up Quantum BioRessonance healing since I found out in November that I had hyperthyroidism and my jaw had been hurting since around that time as well. I wanted to see how I was doing in those areas and if I had other health problems. In April, I went to this place called The Therapist in Lisbon knowing I was going to be in town. They’re located in LX Factory and have different type of therapy sessions as well as a restaurant with all vegan / gluten free food. I had their cocoa pancakes (see below) and had no idea they were gluten free when I ordered them. They were actually healthy and so delicious.

Cocoa pancakes at The Therapist restaurant

The healing therapy I had is called Quantum BioRessonance. What it is essentially is it’s a machine that scans your body using electromagnetic frequencies through headphones you wear and sends the frequencies to the computer’s special software. The software displays diagrams of all the body parts that are being scanned one at a time with certain symbols signaling what areas are healthy and what areas may need improvement. I could barely hear any of the frequencies happening, thankfully, because Lord knows how much I hated the noise from an MRI. Even with the headphones I was able to hear the therapist talking to me just fine explaining the whole procedure as it was going on.

As you can see it was a very calm, quiet experience that I was able to take Camila with me.

I would see images of body parts that it was scanning and saw all these symbols of triangles, yellow dots and some red, wondering what they all meant. It scans every single body part and organ which I was amazed by but of course wondering how in the world it does that. That part in itself took about 20 minutes. After the scanning finished, the therapist reviewed it all and based on the symbols on each scan, she told me what was good or what I needed to improve.

I was a little skeptical about it at first because I thought, “how on earth can a little machine detect every problem within your body through headphones?” I'll admit, it's still a bit of a mystery, but I’m no science major and sure enough, Catia, the therapist proved to me it really works. It knew problem areas that I hadn’t discussed with Catia, such as my stomach issues.

Based on the diagram and symbols, Catia told me it looked like I have a lot of acidity in my stomach, which explains so much! I’ve always bloated way too easily, sometimes from barely eating anything and sometimes I have episodes where I belch a lot. It’s not fun. She recommended that I eat more alkaline based foods and drink vegetable based milk and stay away from cow and soy milk, even lactose free milk. Milk options she gave me included almond, coconut, oat, and rice milk. Oat and coconut milk are too sweet on their own for me so I started drinking rice milk and actually love it and I don’t get that bloated feeling with it. She also recommended I take probiotics to improve digestion and some other form of medicine which I think was similar to Tums, but since I’m breastfeeding I can’t take it because the medications she prescribed were not breastfeeding friendly. Cutting back on dairy alone seemed to help my stomach a lot as well as drinking more water. One worry I had was whether I was gluten intolerant or not and she said it was a low intolerance which to me was a good thing. It means I could still continue eating our delicious Portuguese bread and not have to stay away forever, but not to overdo it of course as with any food.

I wanted to know how my thyroid and jaw looked on the diagram and the therapist said my thyroid was going back to normal. She said it had most likely reversed to hypo because I had been taking meds to control the overactive thyroid, but since I got off the meds completely in March, it was already going back to normal which was great and most likely means what I had was just postpartum thyroiditis. The good news is I had blood work done in June for my thyroid and she was right! My thyroid is back to normal without any meds, thankfully.

As far as my jaw, she didn’t say much but recommended I see an osteotherapist. She said they work with all the bones and muscles and that she too had issues with her jaw and an osteotherapist fixed her jaw in just one session. Best of all, it didn’t hurt one bit. I finally took her advice over the summer and went to see Dr. Catarina Almeida at Fisio Brás and it was an incredible experience. She told me that my neck muscles were so messed up that it seemed like I had an impact from a car accident and that my thyroid muscle could've been affecting my neck and jaw muscles since it started hurting around the time I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroidism. She also said other parts of my body were not aligned so she worked on them such as my back, feet, and legs. She did help my jaw a lot in that one session but it was sore for the next day along with my back and neck muscles. I was finally able to open my mouth all the way without problems but it wasn’t 100% fixed so I saw her again as well as an osteopath jaw specialist. I personally highly recommend seeing an osteopath over a general doctor because they help you get to the root of the problem and work on strengthening your body as opposed to recommending an expensive surgery. That's exactly what happened to me. I saw a doctor who wanted to do a "quick" surgery which would've cost me a couple grand, but after going to a few therapy appointments and doing exercises at home to strengthen my jaw muscles, my jaw is so much better and it only cost me around 100€ for a total of three therapy sessions.

All in all, both were great healing sessions and I highly recommend them both for people who want to try alternative medicine or feel something is off with their body but may be hard to determine what’s going on. I want to thank Catia from The Therapist for being so kind, informative, and helpful and both osteopaths from Fisio Bras. There is truly greatness to becoming a healthier version of yourself.

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