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Our Beautiful Elopement in Los Cabos, Mexico

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Many of you may not know, unless we’re friends on Facebook and you see my memories every year on this day, but five years ago today, 8.30.2014, my husband and I eloped in Los Cabos before having our big wedding and here's why. We went on a trip to Cabo in honor of the Presidents Club members from my husband’s work. My husband, Joe, was one of the top sales representatives and I came along as a guest with him as everyone who went got to bring a guest. We stayed at one of, if not, the most beautiful, magical resort we’ve ever stayed at. It was the Rosewood Resort, Las Ventanas Al Paraíso in Los Cabos and I had never seen anything like it. It was pure heaven and the people there made you feel like royalty. They were so kind and remembered everyone’s names and they had some of the best Mexican food I’d ever eaten. Those chilaquiles and shrimp tacos (okay I’m drooling now). I will definitely have to write a full review and post pictures of the resort another time because we talk about it till this day. During our stay, Joe had this crazy idea of how amazing it would be to get married at Las Ventanas because of how perfect it was, and since we were already engaged and planning to get married, we said “why not just get married in Mexico and have a day just for us before the big wedding with our friends and family?” It sounded crazy to our friends and parents when we told them, but we felt so happy and sure about it that we wanted to do it if it was possible. We thought it probably wasn’t going to happen since it was so last minute, but we called the front desk anyway and asked if they could do a ceremony for us. We had a dinner planned with the group that night but the hotel said it could be possible before the dinner but they didn’t have a minister to do it on such short notice, which of course made sense. We brushed off the idea and headed down to the pool bar where everyone else was. While we're at the pool, I started to tell someone about our crazy idea and ironically the first person I told, Todd Nightingale, tells me he happens to be a wedding officiant. I couldn’t believe it and neither could Joe. We had no clue! He also stated he brought a professional camera with him and there was a guest within our group who was a professional photographer. Talk about serendipity! We asked the hotel staff again if it was possible and they said yes so we agreed to do it like some crazy ridiculous scene that you’d only see in a romantic comedy movie because it seemed so unrealistic to pull off in a day unless of course you’re in Vegas. Todd wanted to know how we met so he could get a backstory for the ceremony and then we rushed to the nearest shopping center to get a ring for Joe and a proper shirt for him to wear. I already happened to bring a white dress with me on our trip because I love white dresses and it was the one that my mother-in-law gave me a couple years back. We went to so many jewelry stores to get a ring and it wasn’t till we got to Tiffany’s that my husband found the ring he loved. I already had my engagement ring but couldn’t find a wedding band that matched my ring so we said to skip it and get one when we got back home to have for the big wedding. What's special about him getting a ring at Tiffany's is that every year Joe goes to Vegas for work since it always lands on our Cabo wedding anniversary, he buys me something from Tiffany’s just because I didn’t have anything from Tiffany’s on the day we got married. I don't ever ask for it, but it’s like a traditional wedding anniversary gift from him which is pretty darn sweet. As we rushed back to the resort to get ready, they already had a florist arrange a beautiful bouquet of white roses for me to carry and they had a hair stylist ready to style my hair. I’m telling you, straight out of a movie! It was incredible. I couldn’t believe this was all happening so fast. It was getting more and more real and I was getting nervous but excited. I finished getting ready and as I was going to walk down the walkway of the courtyard to meet Joe at the altar, they already had a guitarist playing a soft acoustic melody for me to walk down. Ok I know that probably sounds like BS that they got a musician on such short notice, but we actually just got lucky with that one because he was already going to play at the company dinner so they just had him play at our ceremony. I still couldn’t believe it when I saw him though! Todd, our minister, put on the best ceremony and said all the right things, talking about how we met and used techy words to make it funny for everyone attending. Everyone definitely laughed. We saved the wedding ceremony script all these years because it was so beautifully said. The “altar” was simple but perfectly lined up with candles and a table with white linen and we had a view of the beach, which was exactly what we wanted. All in all, it was an incredible day, one that couldn’t be done without the wonderful helping hands of the Las Ventanas staff and the Meraki Cisco employees who were part of our day. It’s one of the best stories of our lives that I can’t wait to share it with our children when they’re older.

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