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Why I Love The Happiness Planner

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Ever wonder what The Happiness Planner is? It's exactly what it's called, or in other words a planner to happiness. I often talk about it on my story because I love my Happiness Planner. I purchased my first Happiness Planner in January 2017 to start my new year off right to organize better, feel more motivated, and bring more positivity and mindfulness in my llife. I had purchased the 100-Day Happiness Planner and it helped me tremendously to accomplish what I needed to get done and find inspiration through the daily quotes it offered as well as the weekly and monthly reflections. It was so good but 100 days wasn't enough for me. After I was done with it, I purchased planners elsewhere just to try something new, but I realized this year that I needed another Happiness Planner because it was so helpful with everything in the past.

The one I currently have is the July 19'-June 20' edition which came in a pretty pink box with a rose gold pen, some cut outs to fill out to help set goals and create your own bucket list & vision board as well as all these other cool things. I have a couple of them hanging on my vision board above my desk as a good reminder of what needs to get done by when and how.

They have so many other planners on their site that I GUARANTEE you will find one to your liking. I'm pretty sure the next one I will purchase will be The Wanderlust Planner. I gave one to my friend for her birthday and due to my love for travel I'm probably going to give in and buy one for myself soon too.

I can't say enough how much I like these planners. They have such a huge variety and I love that their intention is to help others bring more mindfulness and positivity into people's lives and it really works. I feel like we could all use a little organizing and a lot of positivity in our lives. They even have an app now to help organize your day-to-day life, so you really can't avoid becoming more productive.

Click here to get your very own Happiness Planner!

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