• Jessica Mendes

Beautiful Nature Filled Things to See in the Island of Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

What’s your favorite place on Earth? 🌎 🌿🌴⁣

One of my favorite places is the island of #Terceira in #Azores , #Portugal because it’s filled with life and surrounded by such beautiful nature. ⁣ ⁣

Today is the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay, and the first for humanity to celebrate #EarthDayAtHome because of the global Coronavirus pandemic.⁠⁣


#COVID19 serves as a reminder for climate action and the protection of wildlife. ⁣

Let’s join @UNDP as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay by sharing a photo or clip of your favorite place on Earth.⁣

These clips were taken when I was there in September 2016 and now I miss it so much. 💜⁣

Music: September⁣

Musician: @not_theking

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