F•O•C•U•S• “Follow. One. Course. Until. Success”

Updated: Nov 13

F•O•C•U•S• “Follow. One. Course. Until. Success” - This was my motto today. I’m going to be real here and admit I had a full on breakdown yesterday. 😔

It was one of those days where I was reflecting on life wondering where I’m going with it and what I’m doing with myself. Virgo season will really do that to you to get your rear in gear. I know we all have those moments, but ever since the beauty pageant I was in ended in June, I kind of lost focus on my goals and visions, because my only focus for almost an entire year was the pageant and nothing else, with the exception of family.

I love to do so many different things that I could never focus on just one thing. I found out recently I’m what you call a “multipotentialite” - someone who has many different interests and creative pursuits. While it may sound cool to do many different thi