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Make Time For Your Little Ones Before It's Too Late

Oddly enough, right before we took these photos above, I was upset because I was trying to take some photos for my blog & wanted to take them before the sun went down.🤦🏻‍♀️ I was getting aggravated with Camila for constantly wanting my attention instead of just playing on her own & being independent. She was by my side at ALL times all last week since daddy was out of town & I hadn’t had any alone time. I asked myself out loud, “why am I getting so frustrated?!” I hate getting mad at her. She actually responded with, “maybe you’re hungry.” I’m not even kidding. I don’t know HOW in the world she even thought that. Maybe she notices I’m always hungry. I laughed in disbelief & told her she’s probably right & then suggested we take some photos together instead & we had a blast! She’s just a kid & so sweet (for the most part) & all this made me remember something...

I read something recently about sleep training that said “give your toddlers the attention they want because pretty soon they’re going to be asking you to go away. They’re not meant to be independent yet.” It’s so true! When kids become teenagers, they don’t want mommy & daddy all the time. THAT’S when they become independent.

There are days when it’s not so easy. I had many not-so-good moments last week, but I’m trying to focus on the positives. We played catch for 20 minutes straight & had the cutest celebration party whenever she’d catch, visited the local farm animals twice & fed them carrots & apples, went on some fun walks, had pizza & movie night & lots of laughs.

There will be days when us moms are tired, exhausted from personal BS, in a hurry to get things done, or even “hangry”, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be upset & get in your feelings. Just make sure you check in with those feelings & let them go. Don’t allow them to stay there.

I want to share this because I know it’s not easy for us moms going through this lockdown with the kiddos that need our attention causing us to go a bit stir crazy. Major props to all you single moms by the way! Just try to remember that it’s a blessing your child wants you right now, because before you know it, they’ve grown up & want their freedom. 💕🥰

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