My Trip to Terceira, Azores in 2016 - My Roots

One of my last trips to Terceira was in 2016. I lived in California at the time and thought after moving to Portugal, the main land, that I would travel to the Azores more frequently, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I’ve yet to go since moving here and hope to soon.

Azores Day was just this past Monday, the day after Espirito Santo, and I started reminiscing on my last trip to the Azores and figured I'd share some photos of that trip since I did so much in one week there with my husband than I did in my trips prior.

My family is from the Azores, the island of Terceira. I was conceived there but my parents flew to California just one month before I was born which is why I was born in America. I guess you can say I'm an Anchor baby!