My Unborn Baby's Lost Soul

The baby I miscarried tried to communicate with us this year 👼🏻

Two days ago, September 28th, made 4 years that I had a miscarriage. This year, I had a huge discovery about my unborn child in which she was trying to communicate with us spiritually in several ways and her soul was trapped here on earth with us. I was hesitant to post this video because it’s so personal, a little out there for some people who may not believe in these types of things, but to me it’s a very important story.

With Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month being in October, it gave me even more reason to post it in hopes of it helping any of you who have had a miscarriage or infant loss find some peace and hope in knowing that our children live on after passing.

I want to thank @gogoshangase & @claire.cappetta for their mediumship work in helping me